transfer case

Transfer Case Repair

Think you need transfer case repair? Vehicles with four wheel drive employ what is called a transfer case to provide power to the front and rear axles on your 4×4 vehicle. One common mistake that can cause damage to a transfer case is installing mismatched tires. It is imperative that the tire size be the same on front and back axles on any 4×4 vehicle. If the tires do not match the ratios will be off and will cause great stress on the entire 4×4 driveline system and especially on the transfer case.  A transfer case is located and attached on the back of the transmission. On most recent 4×4 vehicle designs, the transfer cases will also allow two wheel drive operation as well as the 4×4 operation. Modern 4×4, All Wheel Drive, and four wheel drive vehicles engage automatically and can also be manually engaged. The common component failures are broken gears, input and output shafts and transfer case chain.

Whether your vehicle is a daily driver or an off-road toy, we are here to make sure your vehicle performs when you need it to.

The transfer case could be low on fluid or another issue could be causing your troubles. Many people with AWD and 4WD vehicles forget to service and maintain the transfer case. At Eagle Transmission of North Austin, our qualified technicians will diagnose the problem and offer the best solution. Our technicians will also help you maintain your transfer case with a service plan that will keep your AWD or 4WD vehicle running at peak performance.