transmission fluid

transmission fluidsFluid: Recommended vs. Generic

Generics seem to be everywhere these days. You can find generic fluids almost anywhere. Generics are always cheaper and appear to be the same, but there are some differences. It is also the case with transmission fluid and other  fluids your vehicle needs to function properly. The major difference between generics and manufacturer recommended fluids are usually the fillers used to produce the generic. These fillers can alter the way the fluid protects your transmission. This can cause incorrect consistency because of the thickness of the fluid which leads to many other problems. Vibrations, unusual shifting, internal damage, and overall poor performance are some of the outcomes from not using the manufacturer’s recommended fluid in your vehicle’s transmission.

It doesn’t matter if you have an automatic or manual transmission it  can be a problem if you do not use the right fluids. Changing your transmission fluid is essential for the components to function smoothly. Generics do have their place in this world however when it comes to your vehicle they may not be welcome. They may save you some money now but down the road it could be costly. No one knows what your car needs better than the manufacturer of your vehicle.

At Eagle Transmission we use the manufacturer’s recommended fluids for your vehicle to keep it operating at its higest performance. The fluid types would depend on the make and model of your car. Your owners manual should provide some information as well. Check your transmission fluid regularly. If you are experiencing any trouble with your vehicle or have any questions, Eagle Transmission would be happy to help you, just give us a call today!