Transmission Fluid Replacement

The transmission fluid is a very important part of your engine. Without the proper levels of transmission fluid in your car, you will experience all kinds of problems.

Additionally, if the transmission fluid is not changed periodically, you could experience problems.

It is a common misconception that transmission fluid is something that never needs to be replaced. While transmission fluid does not need to be changed as often as oil does, it is still essential to check and maintain clean fluids in your car.

In the past, automobile manufacturers asserted that you could drive for 100,000 miles without needing to change the liquid. Mechanics have long maintained that to be false. Recently, manufacturers have backed down to a more reasonable 30,000 miles.

Now, if nothing goes wrong, you should be able to drive for much longer than 30,000 miles without problems. But by the time you notice a problem, you’ll need to replace your transmission fluid immediately.

Changing out the current transmission fluid is critical for helping your car to operate well and reduce the strain that is placed on the system.
If old fluid is left in the vehicle for a long time, your vehicle will begin to have issues.

Once you start to notice trouble signs, it is important that you bring your vehicle to an expert and get maintenance done. Here are several issues you may notice:

  • Issues switching gears
  • The motor vehicle won’t start
  • Noises inside the transmission
  • Transmission fluid leaking

If you notice any of these problems, it’s important to take care of your repair at the earliest opportunity. Without proper treatment the car may not work when you try to start it up later on. When this happens call Eagle Transmission Shop North Austin.

With a major repair, towing inside of 50 miles of the shop is free. Getting in touch with Eagle Transmission Shop North Austin will allow you to get your car delivered to our shop free of cost.

Those looking to check the levels between maintenance visits simply need to know what they are looking for. Let qualified and trusted professionals check your car and start changing your transmission fluid.

If you are looking for honest advice on your transmission fluids, prioritized repairs, options on repairs, maximized fuel economy, and confidence with who you are doing business with stop at Eagle Transmission Shop North Austin.

We will help you with needed information about your transmission fluid replacement including replacing it for you.

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