Engine Repair Service

The engine is a true marvel, consisting of hundreds of moving parts and electrical systems operating at high temperatures alongside complicated mechanical components. With preventative maintenance, you can keep your car’s engine running smoothly.

The engine is a complex arrangement of electrical systems, complicated mechanical systems, belts, chains, and seals, and they all operate under high temperatures. The engine is the most vital part of the car because it carries out the chemistry and physics that allows a car to move. It is important to have your car’s engine looked after in the best way possible.

Did you know that an engine replacement can be one of the costliest repairs you can make on your car? An engine replacement can set you thousands behind. Thankfully, most engine malfunctions can be avoided with better preventive maintenance. Eagle Transmission Shop North Austin takes the welfare of your engine seriously and offers several services to prevent the need for future engine replacement.

If you start to notice any of the signs below, call us at Eagle Transmission Shop North Austin. We use state-of-the-art equipment to provide you with a diagnostic analysis to determine the appropriate engine service that is needed.

  • “Check engine” light flickers or stays on
  • Rough idling
  • Pinging or knocking noise coming from the engine
  • Acceleration worsens the sounds from under the hood
  • Hear rattling or clicking noises
  • Lower fuel efficiency
  • Slow or delayed acceleration
  • Exhaust smoke is darker than usual
  • Fluid (such as oil, water, transmission) is leaking from the engine area

Remember, most engine malfunctions can be avoided with regular maintenance.
By taking care of minor engine problems early, you will save a costly engine rebuild somewhere down the road. Auto engine services are a vital part of a driver and his desire to have his car in the best working condition.

It is important to have the engine checked and double checked to ensure that it is good to go.

From routine maintenance to major engine replacement or repair, Eagle Transmission’s Certified Service experts are trained and equipped with the expertise on engine repair and the skills to maintain your vehicle’s optimal performance.

Contact us today! We guarantee the perfect condition of these engines for your satisfaction.