Drive Axle & CV Axle

If you are experiencing vibrations or unusual noises while driving your vehicle, you may have issues with your vehicle’s driveline/drive axles.

On a rear wheel drive vehicle, the Universal Joints, also known as U-Joints, can become worn and cause vibration at higher speeds. The U-joints will need to be replaced. If ignored, this can become a dangerous matter. The driveshaft could disconnect from the yoke of the transmission and do considerable damage.

On a front wheel drive vehicle, the drive axles are much different. The front wheel drive axles are called Constant Velocity Axles, commonly called CV axles. CV axles utilize a constant velocity join which transfers the torque front wheels smoothly, even when making turns. The most common failure for CV axles begins with a cracked or damaged axle boot. Once the boot is cracked or damaged, the joint’s lubricant/grease leaks out. Once the lubricant is gone, it will not take long for the joint to fail. The most common symptom of CV axle failure is loud clicking noises while turning. As the joint wears, the noise will become louder and may become dangerous.

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