transmission rebuild

rebuild transmissionRebuild or Replace?

When it comes time to make a major repair to your vehicle’s transmission, you have a few options,purchase a used transmission,install a complete new unit,rebuild your current one.

A used transmission can be a gamble. You dont know how it was used by the previous owner.  The unit may not even be fully functional after it is installed.

A completely new transmission is usually your most expensive option. Often they come with a warranty and a large price tag. The unit will have all new parts, but this means you will replace many parts unnecessarily.

At Eagle Transmission of North Austin we can provide you with any of these options. We recommend rebuilding the transmission that is currently in your vehicle. A major reason for this is that there will be no question regarding fitment of the transmission or related parts. The unit will go right into the vehicle just as the original manufacturer intended. Also, rebuilding the existing transmission is more cost-effective than replacing the entire unit. A rebuild will include the parts that are bad so the cost savings comes from keeping the parts that are good. Not to mention that the actual case of a transmission alone is expensive.

If you are having any transmission related problems, the best thing to do is have our experienced technicians evaluate your vehicle. We offer free towing and free diagnosis so don’t hesitate to stop by the shop or give us a call.