check engine

Check Engine Light

The Check Engine light on a vehicle is designed to be a warning sign to the driver. Many times this warning sign is ignored for weeks, sometimes months. We are here to warn you NOT to ignore your check engine light.

Recently we heard about a guy who ignored his check engine light for a few months. One day he was driving down the freeway and heard a loud BANG. The airbags deployed and the whole vehicle shut down. Luckily he was able to coast off of the freeway, but that situation could have ended up horribly. He stated that he just ignored the light and figured it would go away. Turns out the problem was a ratio error that occurred while in third gear. Upon further inspection of this vehicle all electrical codes were showing up on the scanner because the main wiring harness in the transmission had been severed by pieces of the transmission case. The majority of this damage could have been avoided if he had his Check Engine light diagnosed when it came on the first time.

If your check engine light is on bring your vehicle to Eagle Transmission of Dallas. One of our highly skilled technicians can scan your vehicle and determine what is causing your vehicle’s issue. Once we diagnose the issue we can get your vehicle back up and running safely.